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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

In this lecture we looked at galleries and agents within the art industry and how they can benefit your work. Dean Melbourne is a visual artist and spoke about his journey from graduating to his role now, within this he explained how galleries and agents have taken his work and his career to the next level. He explained how he went to a lot of private viewings to get more contacts in his area and also how he did a lot of work for free to start with to get his work recognised in the area. Dean gave some tips on how to start using galleries as a platform with his experience, he explained about insurances, getting registered, and one of his top tips was to make the job as easy as possible for the people that you’re working with (the gallery space).

This lecture gave me a better understanding on how galleries and agents can give you many opportunities to get your work noticed and take it to the next stage of your career. Personally, I don’t think this will have much use to my career as I will not be producing work that will be displayed in a gallery, however I will be using galleries to find artwork for my interior spaces. The information that Dean gave to us about galleries and agencies may be useful to someone that I might work with in the future so I would give them my knowledge on using galleries from what has been presented in this presentation.

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