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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Denise joined us on an online lecture on the 28th September 2020 to discuss her path after finishing university. Denise is currently the assistant exhibitions registrar at the Tate Liverpool and went on to explain how she got to doing this role.

From her talk I learnt that she was willing to work with companies that were not her preferred role, however this gave her a lot of experience in other fields that went on to enhance her CV in order to get the job that she wanted. She made me realise that it is okay to not go into the right job straight away, it will take time to get into a preferred role. I think that this is a lot of graduates worries (including my own) that we will not get a job in the industry we want straight away. As Denise explained the different roles that she has done since graduating has helped her get to the position she is in now, you can see how those roles have helped develop her skills and enabled her to get the responsibilities she has within the Tate today. This includes organising collection swaps, fine art shipping and packing, insurance, environmental and security standards and many more.

At the end of her presentation Denise gave us advice on how to complete job applications which was very useful, I will use this advice when I come to doing job applications. From her presentation I have learnt that with the more experience you get it can lead you to better positions within your industry. This is what I want to do within my own industry, for example doing more online course to gain more experience on CAD.

Image sourced from https://theguideliverpool.com/tate-liverpool-we-salute-you/

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