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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On 26th March 2021, we received a lecture from Wendy Mason, AA2A director about managing a portfolio career. The lecture consisted of Wendy talking to a number of guests about their experience on having a portfolio career. Wendy spoke to Pamela Schilderman who works as a freelance visual artist, Laura Plant who works in ceramics and Tod Jones who works with both photography and installations. All guests spoke about the struggles and advantages that they have experienced from having a portfolio career. Advice that they gave when having a portfolio career is to not be ashamed for having a second part time job to get by, it is not an easy career to rely on that only wage so having a second job is normal for most designers who have a portfolio career. They suggested to get advice when applying for grants and if we ever have any questions regarding tax or wages etc to contact HMRC who, in Tod’s case, were extremely helpful in giving him the correct advice.

As I am not going to rely on a portfolio career I have never investigated this type of information, however I found it very helpful if I were to ever look into having a portfolio career or know someone who has this type of career and they need advice. One bit of advice that stuck with me from this lecture from Pamela was to ‘establish a routine’. No matter what field of work you work in I think that this is advice to stick to to get the most out of your career.

I found that there was a few bits of information that was helpful in this lecture however, overall a lot of the information didn’t apply to the career that I was to progress in.

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