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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This lecture was about social media and web presence. Wendy spoke to Anisha Parmar who is a jewellery designer that owns her own limited company. Anisha explained her journey from when she graduated to where she is now. After graduating she found it very difficult to find a job like most design graduates however landed herself a job at Gucci in London. A few years later she set up her own business creating jewellery that was inspired by her heritage and she went on to explain how she markets her work through social media. She explained to us what worked best for her in gaining followers and interest, for example, entering competitions, making her story personal and be real on your social media, scheduling posts for the week, collaborating with different designers and boosting your social media posts using ads ect. All of these things were key parts that helped build Anisha’s social media following and web presence.

Recently I have set up my own business selling sportswear. Hearing Anisha’s story and how she has made a successful social media presence has really given me confidence and advice on how I can build our brand. I will be using skills that she highlighted in order get increase our followers, for example scheduling our posts for the week and boosting our social media posts.

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