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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Callum and Al came into our lecture on 25th January 2021 to talk about their experience in their career paths. Both Callum and Al work for the BBC in the UX & D department (user experience of design). Between them they have worked on BBC apps and websites such as CBBC Newsround, Bitesize and BBC Sport as well as working on digital designs for London Olympics 2012. They both went through and explained their career paths to how they got to their job in the BBC, both explained very different paths in getting there. Callum studied graphic design at Chester university whereas Al did not have a design background, he studied computer science.

From this lecture, Callum and Al made it clear that you do not need a design background to be able to go into design, the BBC look more at your past experiences rather than your qualifications. They explained that what they are looking for is someone who stands out, not to be afraid to follow the crowd and that it is okay to take your time. This was very helpful and very reassuring. Like a lot of the previous guest lectures, they explained that you will not necessarily get a design job straight away which is okay, and you do not always need a design degree to do a design job. These were all very useful facts that will help me in the next year. If I find myself in a position where I cannot get a design job straight away, that is okay, it takes time. They told us that there was recruitment for a design job so this is something I will look at in more detail and see what it includes.

Image sourced from https://www.sheppardrobson.com/idsr/view/bbc-north-at-mediacityuk

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