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As stated before I am interested in interior styling and would like to go into this side of the profession. As I have not had a lot of experience in this side of the industry I want to gain more experience in this before starting a job. After watching a webinar on styling and storytelling I wanted to find out more about different ways people style interiors in a room.

This session was taken by Jennifer Manners, founder of Jennifer Manners Design and Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, co-founders of Salvesen Graham. They discussed how the use of rugs decorate a room. The designers suggest how a rug can set the tone for entire space. The interior design studio came together to create a flatwoven rug collection with a twist and explained their process of creating the rugs and the settings that they use them in.

I found that this was a very unique way of designing rugs and using them within an interior space. With having the curved edges it adds a unique definition to the space as its very different to the usual square rugs. From seeing these different designs I will take into consideration using these curves within my designs making it different.

I enjoyed learning about the ways in which designers use different materiality and shapes to make their designs different and unique from anyone else's.

Design Centre. (2021). Design Date: Decorating With Rugs [YouTube Channel]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtN80mKxjEE&t=9s

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