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As part of our final year we have an end of year exhibition where some students in the year had the opportunity to create a design for the degree show catalogue.

There were 7 different designs that students had created which were all amazing and unique in their own way. We had to put a vote in for the design that we preferred and the one that we would like to be as part of the catalogue. I voted for the design 'Virtuosity', meaning a state of expression, but is not the final state. The designer suggested that this expresses despite the challenges we have had to face and accept the differences. This won't be the end or stop us from doing what we love. It is just a moment in time for us to express our passion for art.

I thought that this design best suited the degree show and the times we have been in through our last year of university. To me it expressed that although we have been through a tough time during studying our last year through COVID, we have still expressed our work and our passion for what we do. I believe that this is relatable to everyone in the design industry and is the best fit for the degree show this year.

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