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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Previously, as part of third year, students would attend the Surface Design Show in London to get the opportunity to see the wider world of design however, due to COVID-19 this has not been possible for us to attend the event.

I felt like we missed out on this opportunity, so alternatively I viewed the 2020 Dezeen Awards, Interiors Show in order to experience and get to know different designers work. I found it very interesting seeing the array of designs that had been voted into each category of the Dezeen Awards and by seeing some of the candidates for each award I went on to research them further, for example, Adjaye Associates and Aesop Stores. I have heard and researched these designers/stores before and love the work that they do. Like Zaha Hadid they push the boundaries of design.

I have previously researched Aesop stores and like how each store is different depending on the surroundings of the destination. This is something that I want to carry out in my designs, although they are all different it has a distinct style that makes it recognisable as Aesop's.

Dezeen. (2020). Dezeen Awards 2020 Interiors Show [YouTube Channel]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1cXm45HG48

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