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Throughout my final year at university, I have learnt a lot about the interior design industry and the different aspects of it. Through listening to guest lecturers and hearing their journey from graduating university to their position in the design industry it gave me a real incite of what to expect when I graduate university.

As I stated in my opening statement I wanted to be in a position where I had a potential job as soon as I left for university and this I have accomplished. In April 2021 I applied for an interior styling job at an interior design firm local to me, I had an interview and had trial days with the firm, and they offered me the job which I start at the beginning of June. I feel that this will really open my eyes to the industry and give me the experience that I need. They specialize in show homes which I am really interested in and keen to learn more about.

Although I have got a job lined up for when I finish university I still feel as though I have some experience that I need to gain. Through university I have felt as though we haven’t learnt enough about the materiality of interiors and what fabrics work best in specific conditions. Due to COVID I cannot complete any classes or visit textile companies to gain this experience so I will gain this through my job role as a stylist.

As stated in my opening statement I wanted to improve my CAD skills and my presentation skills. Throughout the year I have gained a higher range of skills in CAD software as now I know how to create a 3D model in Vectorworks, as well as this, whilst creating my portfolio I have improved my presentation skills and improved my style to a style that I like which tells a story.

I have felt that this year I have gained a lot of experience and found a good way in working that suits me as well as, the style that I work in. Overall I believe that this has given me the confidence to push myself and my designs to make my work stand out to others.

Looking back over the last year, I believe it has really shaped me and my designs in a way that I am happy with. I am proud of where I am at with my career and am looking forward to progressing more in the interior design industry.

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