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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Support organisations and premises

The second part of the self-employment lectures was about support organisations and premises. Wendy spoke to us about the different types of organisations that are available and what they can offer you. She explained how AA2A can provide opportunities for newly qualified students and went on to talk about other organisations that are available for graduates. Connected to these organisations is insurance which you will pay for in your monthly fee, Wendy explained to us how this works and what it includes.

I had heard about these organisations before but never really understood what they did and how they benefit people however now that Wendy has explained about these organisations, I understand what they do and would use one in the future. Once graduated I will look at some of the organisations such as AA2A to see if there are any new opportunities that they can provide for me and benefits that they can offer me and my business. I felt that this lecture really helped me and opened my eyes to what these types of organisations do and how they can provide more opportunities for me. I will be using one of these organisations in the future to help progress my business to the next level.

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