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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On the 19th April, we had guest lecturers Heinrich & Palmer. They have worked in partnership since 1991 creating multi-media installations and interventions in response to a wide range of sites such as National Trust venues. They gave an overview of their practice and the projects that they have created, as well as discussing with us a Chester based collaboration project that we have the opportunity to take part in. They discussed how we can get involved with the project if we wanted to and what we would be doing as part of the project.

The types of installations that they do are very different to ones that I have seen before. Each project is different from the rest which makes them stand out from any other designer that I have seen do similar work.

Although I found the lecture very interesting I have never been that interested in installation design so will not be going forward in taking part in their project in Chester. I thought that this lecture would be very helpful for someone who is wanting to go in to that field of work however I didn't feel that it benefitted me as much as some of the other lectures we have had.

Image sourced from https://heinrichpalmer.co.uk/project/casting-light/

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