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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I am a third year Interior Design student, studying at the University of Chester. During my first two years of this course, I have expanded my knowledge and gained experience in the industry. I have designed exhibition spaces, residential spaces as well as retail stores all within and around Chester.

In my second year I was supposed to complete a 5-week placement in May 2020. I had set out to work with Samantha Lord Interior Designers based in Chester, unfortunately due to COVID 19 I was not able to go through with this placement. I have kept in touch with Samantha and hopefully I will be able to complete some work experience in the future.

Due to not being able to go on my placement last year I feel as though I have missed out on gaining that experience. This year I hope to gain more experience using the CAD software. To improve my CAD skills to an advanced level I will look at completing a course which allows me to do this. This will give me an advantage when looking for jobs as I will already have the knowledge of the software which may put me ahead of other candidates. Over the next year I want to improve on textiles and material boards and get a better understanding of the qualities of materials. I will improve my layout of my presentation sheets to make sure they communicate the right qualities of my design. By the end of my third year, I would like to be in a position where I have or have a potential job lined up in an interior design practice once graduating. To do this I will start getting in contact with local design firms and showing my portfolio which will hopefully lead me to getting interviews and a job once graduating.

At the moment I am working as a part-time leisure attendant and have just set up my own sportswear clothing business. I am very hardworking, determined, and focused when it comes to my work. I put my all into each project to make sure that I have the best outcome possible. I communicate well with colleagues and students who I am working with and I communicate well when presenting my idea to a client/tutor. I am a good listener; this helps understand a brief and what a client wants. Throughout my time at university I found that some of my projects didn’t turn out how I expected, I am good at taking criticism from tutors, this will help me become a better designer, I now understand my mistakes and I have worked on them throughout the course.

My long-term career path is that I want to be an Interior Designer specialized in a certain part of the design, this I haven’t yet clarified which part I would want to specialize in. This will come with experience when at a practice. Eventually I want to have my own Interior Design practice, to accomplish these I will complete extra training and courses like previously stated and look at doing a master’s degree in the specific part of interior design that I would like to specialize in. With the extra experience and practice I will hopefully be able to reach these goals.

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