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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Preparing for an interview, in my opinion is the most important part. Being well prepared and having a well presented portfolio is a huge part of the success of an interview.

On the 2nd March the university scheduled mock interviews with Jenni Greenwood for interior design students. I already knew of Jenni before going into the interview from talks we have had from her before and I had seen her on a Channel 4 TV programme 'Britain's Most Expensive Home'. I already followed her interior business on Instagram 'Greenwood & Willis Ltd' but before going into the interview I researched a bit more about the company and looked at the style that they work in.

I prepared for the interview by putting together a portfolio of my work, mainly concentrating on my work from second year. Alongside this I prepared notes of things that I want to say for each panel in my portfolio. I did all this a few days before my interview and each day I went through my portfolio along with my notes to make sure that I was fully prepared and knew what I wanted to say.

I think that this is a great opportunity in practicing for interviews we will have in the future.

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