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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On 2nd March 2021, a mock interview was organised by the university with interior designer Jenni Greenwood. My interview was in the afternoon so before my interview I had time to go over my notes and make sure that my portfolio was to a good standard. Due to the prep that I had done before the interview I had confidence going into my interview and I knew what I was going to talk about.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions our interviews were prevented from being face to face so it was completed over Teams. I joined the meeting with Jenni and she began by introducing herself and what she does and I began to present my portfolio to her. In my portfolio I concentrated on my second year work, mainly my final project 'Beyond Retail' and a few images from a previous project in the year 'More Pleats Please'. The reason that I decided to show Jenni this work is that I believe it showcases my style of work the best and is completed to a high standard.

I started off showing Jenni my 'Beyond Retail' project, telling the story of how I went from my initial site and idea to the finished product. I felt that I explained myself well and told the 'story' in a way that showcased my design the best. It was clear and informative. I then went on to briefly talk about my second project, 'More Pleats Please', I began by showing the items that would be showcased in the exhibition design and the mood board that showed my design thinking. I went on to show Jenni the final images from the project, explaining the main features of the exhibition space. I spent around 15 minutes discussing my portfolio with Jenni and as I was doing so she asked me questions throughout about my designs and my qualities as a designer.

Having this interview, I found, was extremely valuable. It gave us an idea of the type of thing to expect when we start to get interviews for jobs once we have graduated university. For me, I thought that it was a very useful experience, it taught me how to prepare for an interview properly, how to curate a portfolio to a high standard which showcases my work the best.

I thought that the interview went well, I explained my designs thoroughly, answered all of Jenni's questions to a good standard and overall thought that it was a successful interview. The only thing I thought was that I felt as though I didn't get to ask Jenni any questions as we ran out of time. Looking back I could have condensed some of my work that I showed in order for me to ask some questions or for Jenni to ask me more questions.

Overall, I think that the interview process was very successful and valuable for when we begin getting interviews once we have graduated from university.

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