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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Our guest lecturer on the 11th January 2021 was Dr Austin Houldsworth. He came and explained to us his career and how he got to that point as well as showing us some of his work that he has produced. He went to MMU and then went on to study at the Royal College of Arts. He explained to us how his approach in his work is mainly speculative design and critical design, which he then went on to talk about his projects and how he uses speculative design in his work. Austin went on to set up his own business and worked with the future of money design award for a few years, this lead him to have an interest in money and the design principle of it.

I found this lecture interesting, I learnt about the meaning of speculative design and critical design within the design industry however, I struggled to see how it would fit into my field of work. I think that the way he talks about money is intriguing but I do not think this would be relevant in my career path. If I do get to a stage where I may use this in my work, then I will research more and maybe get in touch with Austin if I have any further questions which I think he may be able to help with.

Image sourced from https://www.dezeen.com/2017/03/09/rca-named-worlds-top-design-institution-school-university-third-year-running-news/

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