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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On 18th January 2021 we had an online lecture about post graduate study. There were 4 different Chester lecturers that came to spoke to us about different post graduate MA degrees. Alan Summers spoke about the MA design degree, Maxine Bristow spoke about MA Fine Art, Matt Bowen spoke about MA Art Therapy and Una Meehan spoke about a PGCE in Art. All lecturers explained about their specific courses, what they offer and what to expect if we were to do that course. They showed us examples of work produced from previous years and explained the length of the course as well as the qualifications needed to join each course.

As I am currently doing an interior design degree, I had never considered doing a master’s degree in anything other than interior design however, having the lecturers explain each of their courses I have opened up to looking into more master’s degrees. Some were tailored to specific design backgrounds, but others were open to all parts of the design industry such as the MA design degree, PGCE in Art and the MA in Art therapy. Although I have not looked at these different master’s degrees before I will investigate these more and consider whether they are something that I would want to study further.

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