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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I have always been a huge fan of Zaha Hadid's work. Last year I based one of my projects on the Thallus Installation that Zaha Hadid Architects created as part of Milan Design Week in 2017. Ever since completing the research on that project I have found the work that she completed and that her firm continue to complete is inspiring, pushing the boundaries of architecture and design. Known as the 'queen of the curve', Zaha Hadid has a recognisable style to her work that is very well known all over the world.

At the end of my second year I completed a retail/spa area that was highly influenced by Zaha Hadid's work using curved walls to guide the flow of the space. I found that doing the research previously on her projects gave me a better understanding of how curves can be used in a very linear space. I like that curves give a flowing feel to the space and is more relaxing, not so many harsh lines.

As we have not been able to go to Zaha Hadid's gallery in London like previous years due to COVID-19, I decided to research more of her work and her life. I was looking forward to having the opportunity to visit her gallery during university so will definitely be visiting it in the future.

I found that over the years and when doing more research on Zaha Hadid it has given me inspiration to push the boundaries of my designs and do something slightly different to any one else's designs in order to make them unique and stand out, to be recognised as my work.

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