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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

AA2A director Wendy Mason spoke to Elizabeth Jordan about her experience with projects and funding once graduating university. Lizzy explained how she became self-employed before going back to university to do a master’s degree in fine art, she explained the struggles of this once she graduated from her masters. She ended up working in a pub which she found very ‘daunting’ and explained that she did not get a substantial income with her own business until this year (2020), almost 10 years after she graduated and has had to access benefits before. This has given me the reassurance that if things don’t go as planned to start with then it is normal, things take time to work out. She explained how we would go about applying for funding using applications and what avenues to go down that will help us with this process, I found that this could be very useful in the future if I ever needed to apply for funding. They went through different ways of funding such as the lottery, crowdfunding, not just using the arts council.

This lecture was very helpful. Before this I had little understanding about funding projects and ways that can improve your application, this has given me lots of useful information that I will take with me once I have graduated and will apply if I need a funding application for any of my projects. I may need to use funding if ever completing exhibitions in specific places.

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