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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Portfolio careers, self-employment and benefits

The first part of the three-part self-employment lectures taken by Wendy Mason, Director of AA2A and was about the starting point of becoming self-employed. It has been proven that a lot of people within the design industry end up self-employed as this is more suited to them and a more suitable way of getting their own work out there. Wendy explained the difference between being self-employed and being an employee, and the difference between a limited company and a partnership in this lecture. She went on to explain briefly about tax and the threshold of when it needs to be paid and what you must do when becoming self-employed.

I found this lecture very useful. I am a director of a limited company and the ways in which Wendy explained the difference between being a limited company and a partnership was interesting as there was things that I didn’t realise were different. As I have only recently started the business the terminology is still very new to me and having Wendy explain it in a simple way made it easier for me to understand. This will help significantly in my business. Another thing I found very helpful was how Wendy explained tax, it can be such a daunting factor of a business and very overwhelming, but Wendy made it very clear what needs to be done when paying taxes and the thresholds involved.

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