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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

On the 4th January 2021 we had a lecture from Steve McCoy and Stephanie Wynne who are the owners of Wynne McCoy, a photography company. They came in and spoke to us about how they set up their business and the way they have developed it over the years. It was interesting to know the different ways that they got contacts and how jobs they had done lead into other jobs in the future.

They explained to us the importance of licensing and copyrighting photos and how the use of lighting can completely change an image that you take. The way they spoke about lighting in a space and the way they time things so that the image looks perfect was very interesting and intriguing, it helped me realise what works well in a space from an interior point of view in order to get the right photographs to show of the space in the right way. I will take this into consideration when putting my space together and photographing the space in the correct way. I found this lecture useful and it made me look into interiors in a different perspective from the way that they explained how they took some of their interior photos.

I will take the skills that they addressed into consideration when completing my final year work. I will use Lightroom, one of the software’s that they often use to edit their photos to edit my final drawings to get the correct light settings. This gives me another skill by using a different software.

Image sourced from http://mccoywynne.co.uk/overview/architecture.aspx

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