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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Since an early age I have always wanted to be an interior designer and over the years have completed work experience in the industry to get a better understanding of the role. I have done work experience at Lister Carter Interiors, Donald Insall and NWD Architects. Throughout these I learnt about mood boards, AutoCAD, lighting, spatial planning and drawing skills.

From doing this work experience it taught me a lot about the type of interior design I want to do, residential design. Each placement taught me a lot of new skills that I wouldn't learn in university however, they weren't exactly what I wanted to do as they specialised more in commercial interiors.

From having this experience from these practices it has helped me through my time at university in doing CAD drawings, mood boards and how to do a spatial plan of an area which has led me to where I am today and the high level of work that I produce.

This has given me a better understanding of the work that goes on within an interior design practice and helped me when I have been applying for jobs as my CV shows that I have experience in the industry. From university I would like to have a job lined up to gain even more experience.

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